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Lopez: Colorado should keep pursuing ditching daylight savings

Lopez: Colorado should keep pursuing ditching daylight savings

Dominique Lopez, Staff Reporter March 21, 2023
When the clocks jumped forward an hour in November, I heard talk that Colorado had voted for daylight savings times to no longer be an issue that plagued the state. Despite the bill being passed for Colorado to have year-round daylight savings, the chances of it being enacted soon lessen as it is more challenging than originally perceived. What would a time changeless state would actually look like? There are only two states in the entire United States that do not have daylight savings times constantly rotating, most of Arizona and all of Hawaii.
Lopez: CSU shows its support for intersectional feminism on campus

Lopez: CSU shows its support for intersectional feminism on campus

Dominique Lopez, Collegian Columnist September 21, 2022
I have spent years considering myself a feminist and thinking it's a movement that includes everyone and every aspect of my identity because that is what I had grown up seeing. However, after I began studying the different aspects of feminism at Colorado State University, I realized how frequently feminism only includes white women’s issues. That means these issues are frequently inclusive to only those of privilege. The issue with modern feminism is one that specifically caters to white women. Women of color should be the people who are showcased in these issues, as they are frequently pushed to the back burner.
Lopez: Welcome to adulthood; lets set some goals

Lopez: Welcome to adulthood; let’s set some goals

Dominique Lopez, Collegian Columnist September 5, 2022
With the new school year upon us, that means a year of new beginnings — a year of creating the changes and goals we hope to achieve throughout the year. The new school year creates a moment for us to rewrite the past, change the future and hold ourselves accountable for maintaining the new selves we strove to create in the beginning.
(Graphic illustration by Charlie Cohen | The Collegian)

Beer Edition: Beer isn’t just for men, so why do advertisers market it that way?

Dominique Lopez, Collegian Columnist April 11, 2022
Created over 5,000 years ago through the process of fermentation, beer has been perceived as a man’s beverage. However, fermented beverages, which for so long have been marketed toward men, were actually created by women 9,000 years ago. Women during the early ages were always seen as belonging in the kitchen, meaning women were actually the first to brew beer, not men. Why is this the case, though? Why has beer been perceived as masculine rather than something to be consumed by anyone, no matter their gender?
Lopez: CSU supports self-discovery

Lopez: CSU supports self-discovery

Dominique Lopez, Collegian Columnist April 6, 2022
College is a time for growing, a time for developing, a time when students of all races, genders and ethnicities can come together in one location with the same goal in mind: to discover themselves without the constraints of parental control. Here at Colorado State University, that journey of self-discovery is one freshmen know all too well. Thanks to the preexisting knowledge that this journey is something that will happen for new students, the Office of Inclusive Excellence is one of those places where these students can turn in times of need.
Lopez: Stop questioning the legitimacy of transgender athletes

Lopez: Stop questioning the legitimacy of transgender athletes

Dominique Lopez, Collegian Columnist March 30, 2022
From a young age, we're taught we can play sports, be a part of the arts or just simply be anything we want. If we chose to play those childhood sports, that often meant we played on small coed teams; that was the norm. It wasn’t until we reached our middle and high school years that teams began to be shaped by gender.
(Graphic Illustration by Chloe Leline | The Collegian)

Lopez: Birth control needs to be widely accessible, affordable

Dominique Lopez, Collegian Columnist March 8, 2022
In 2010, the Affordable Care Act was put in place, nearly guaranteeing that people who need medical birth control, such as oral contraceptive pills, would have access to it for free with insurance. However, as the years have continued, the widespread accessibility of free birth control has not been achieved, and many still face a large number of barriers getting birth control. Why is that the case? Why is a prescription that is given to people to prevent pregnancies and also often to help regulate their menstrual cycles or moods so foreign and hard to receive?
Lopez: More can be done in fight for diversity, representation at CSU

Lopez: More can be done in fight for diversity, representation at CSU

Dominique Lopez, Collegian Columnist March 1, 2022
College diversity statistics often play an important role in how students decide where they want to spend the next chapter of their life, as well as where they feel the most comfortable. As a student of color, this is something I searched for when it came to finding a college to attend. Colorado State University doesn’t have a very high racial diversity rate, with only 30% of the University's population reported as nonwhite; however, I still chose the school, feeling that I had found a place where I belonged.
(Graphic illustration by Abby Flitton | The Collegian)

Lopez: With rent prices increasing, it’s clearly time for U+2 to go

Dominique Lopez, Collegian Columnist February 15, 2022
The pandemic affects everyone. Many people have lost their jobs and have had to depend on unemployment checks to ensure they can continue to buy food and pay rent. However, earlier in the pandemic, rent prices were relatively low, and there was more leeway for those who needed to pay rent — everyone was struggling. However, now that fear of the pandemic is lessening and vaccine rollout is in full swing, the leeway that renters experienced over the past two years is gone. Rent has been continuously increasing, and as a result, people are beginning to lose their homes or are forced to downsize in order to continue to afford their necessities.
(Graphic Illustration by Dylan Tusinski | The Collegian)

Lopez: There is privilege in being heard; stop spreading conspiracies

Dominique Lopez, Collegian Columnist February 10, 2022
Teachers in schools across the country are begging their respective school boards to better follow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines. This plea is often overlooked by school boards, and there are still few harsh mandates being placed on school districts despite the growing rate of COVID-19 cases.  After reading this the question about why so many different counties have different mask mandates and also about the way that so many people use their freedom of speech to fight against these mask mandates when they are there to protect everyone including those against them.
Samantha Patrick sits above the roughly 1,200-strong crowd that turned out for Fort Collins Local Girl Gangs Planned Parenthood solidarity rally Feb. 11, 2017.

Lopez: Our bodies are not your politics; stop debating abortion

Dominique Lopez, Collegian Collumnist February 3, 2022
If you go into a hospital in order to get a medical procedure, such as surgery or even cosmetic surgery, the government never seems to ask questions or discuss the legality of receiving such procedures. Abortions, however, have multiple federal and state laws regulating them, and legislators frequently try to push back to ensure people cannot receive abortions without meeting specific criteria. Why is this the reality? Why are the choices of a person who wants to end a pregnancy — regardless of the reason — questioned by the government before they can even begin the process?
A ballot drop box outside of the Larimer County Courthouse Offices

Lopez: We have the right to be heard, but not according to the Senate

Dominique Lopez, Collegian Columnist January 26, 2022
The right to vote is precious; it is what allows United States citizens the opportunity to share their voice, be recognized and choose who they want to represent them. However and unfortunately, it isn’t always guaranteed for everyone within the U.S. On Jan. 19, the Senate blocked a voting rights bill that would secure the rights of voting for several marginalized groups, including women and people of color. This act included measures such as the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act and the Freedom to Vote Act, both of which would have attempted to dismantle the restrictions placed on voting rights.
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