Wolfpack Ninjas ready to host first ever Wolfpack Ninja Tour

Colin Barnard

In recent history, the television show “American Ninja Warrior” has garnered great attention around the nation. For a group of four ninjas, the show was only a stepping stone for their larger aspirations.

Competitors Brian Arnold, Ian Dory, Meagan Martin and Noah Kaufman realized the impact they had on the show’s audience and teamed up to form Wolfpack Ninjas. Along with other members of the show, the Wolfpack encourages an active lifestyle by promoting the importance of healthy eating and exercise through their passion of obstacle course racing.


Wolfpack Ninjas is set to host the inaugural Wolfpack Ninja Tour on April 29 and 30 at Magness Arena in Denver, Colorado. For the first time in the company’s young history, fans will be able to compete with professional ninjas.

“The Wolfpack Ninja Tour is making obstacle course racing, ninja style, more accessible to the masses,” Dory said. “There’s a focus on kids, there’s a focus on health, and there is also a competitive side where we have head-to-head racing.”

The two-day event offers plenty of options for all ages. Parents have the ability to purchase kid’s classes for their children that include one hour of instruction from a professional ninja and one hour of supervised activity on the course.

Fans can also purchase a Wolf Pass that gives them one run on the professional course. The top 16 men and women will be invited back on Sunday, April 30 for a chance to compete in the pro finals. The finals will feature double-elimination, head-to-head racing with $30,000 in total prizes at stake. Both the men’s and women’s division winner will walk away with $7,500. The Wolfpack Ninjas will pay out to 10th place.

In addition to the pro division, Wolfpack Ninja Tour will also feature men’s and women’s amateur divisions, youth divisions and other various events including pullups, handstands and rope climbing competitions that offer several prizes.

The ability to offer cash prizes for aspiring ninjas is something that Dory and the rest of Wolfpack Ninjas hold dear to their heart.

“It’s definitely a chance to give back to the athletes,” Dory said. “There’s some pretty good money for the ninjas to win. And being an athlete myself, I love the fact that I can give some money and opportunity to others. That’s something that is really important to me and special about the Tour.”

Just as important as the competition the event promotes is the community that it fosters. All ninjas, professional and aspiring, are able to come together and encourage one another in the ninja lifestyle.

“Hosting an event like this brings all the ninjas and their families together,” Dory said. “It’s a chance for them to get to know each other, bond, take classes, and learn from the professional ninjas. The community that is built from being a ninja is really special.”

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