Bailey: We need to choose to keep staying at home

Fynn Bailey

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It’s been over a month since COVID-19 has forced us all to stay at home and compulsively avoid contact with others. Many people are itching for the government to give us all the go-ahead to restart a normal life.


Colorado’s stay-at-home order ended yesterday, but that doesn’t mean our isolation is over.

Gov. Jared Polis has outlined the expectations for this next phase of the COVID-19 response called “safer at home.” A lot of these expectations are for businesses and how much they are allowed to do and under what circumstances. Within the next couple weeks, retailers, offices and maybe restaurants are going to open up to in-person situations.

One of the most selfish acts there is is to put your own boredom over The safety of others.”

This isn’t the time for people to start leaving their homes more. According to The New York Times, we recently had a huge surge in new cases and new deaths in Colorado. In that same article, it is reported that Larimer County’s growth rate is still significant — and if we open up even a little, that rate has a chance to become more dangerous.

I know that people are cooped up and that some people need to leave their homes for essential work. I also know that many people, if given the chance to get work, have to take it, but some of us have a choice. Those of us who can stay home still must. We need to continue rigorous social distancing and self-isolating as much as possible. We also need to wear masks absolutely every time we go out — which anyone who has needed groceries recently can tell you people are not doing enough of.

It sucks having to stay home and never go out. It really sucks not being able to see people that you want to see, but we need to buckle down as a community and limit the spread of this disease as much as possible.

The 1918 flu pandemic lasted 15 months. Very fortunately, this virus is not as deadly, and science has more tools to fight it now, but we must take it just as seriously. We must be in this for the duration of it, and we must do what we have to do to make sure that as few people die as possible.

When the state starts to open up, there will no longer be an order forcing people to stay home. This entire month, there have been people ignoring that order, getting together with friends, not wearing masks and generally ignoring the safety of others and their community. One of the most selfish acts there is is to put your own boredom over the safety of others.

Please stay home and stay away from people outside of your household. If you have to go out, wear a mask and social distance. If you need to see people, wear a mask and social distance. Do your part in this historic crisis and look out for everyone here in Fort Collins, not just yourself.

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