McWilliams: Where in the world is Hillary?

Since Donald Trump’s nomination, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and other democratic officials have been fighting the new administration every step of the way. Sanders and Warren grilled Betsy DeVos about her qualifications to be the Secretary of Education, and Democratic members of congress, as well as republicans John McCain and Lindsey Graham, fought against Trump’s Muslim ban. Warren participated in the Women’s March around the United States, while Senator Sanders and Charles Schumer have been fighting for universal health care. There has been almost non-stop conflict since Trump took office. So in all of this fighting, where is Hillary?

Since she lost the election, Hillary Clinton has almost completely avoided the public eye. After her concession speech, she hasn’t made any big public statements about anything that’s been happening within our government. The last time she was seen at a public event was at the inauguration, where she avoided the press. She tweeted about how she was inspired by the Women’s March, but failed to appear or publicly speak about it, even though, some would argue, the march was inspired by her attempted presidency. When Trump reinstated the global gag rule, and said he was going to sign for the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines to be built, Clinton was silent. When Trump signed the Muslim ban, she tweeted about standing with the people to fight against him. When the Supreme Court shut down Trump’s Muslim ban, Clinton tweeted about his loss against the judicial system. Besides a couple of updates on twitter, Clinton has disappeared from the spotlight.


One could argue that this disappearance is from the shame of losing the election. This claim is understandable, however, Bernie Sanders’ loss at the Democratic National Convention didn’t cause him to go into hiding. On the contrary, Senator Sanders arguably became more vocal about his political views. He went all over the United States to advocate for Clinton and did everything in his power to try and prevent Trump’s presidency. Even after Trump won, Sanders has been fighting against him in the Senate. Specifically, he fought against Betsy DeVos’ nomination as Secretary of Education and against Trump demolishing Obamacare. Sanders has done a significant amount since his loss at the DNC, which means Clinton’s loss is no excuse to go into hiding.

For whatever reason Clinton is avoiding the public eye, it proves that she wasn’t what America needed. It’s true that we need a female president, and it’s true in many people’s eyes that Clinton would have done a better job as our president than Trump. However, she was lacking the passion and the commitment to this country that we need as a president. People were so eager to see a woman in office that when she became an option, they jumped on her campaign without a second thought, even though a better option was standing right in front of them.

Many people, especially liberals, think Clinton needs to take a stand against Trump’s presidency. Allie Ruckman, the publicity organizer of Colorado State University Democrats said “I think a brief recess from the public eye is warranted, though I’d like to see her taking more aggressive measures to combat Trump’s policies. While she is an unpopular political figure for many, I think it’s her duty to remain active and defiant in the face of the new administration.” Ruckman said, like myself and many other Americans, is wondering why Clinton isn’t fighting alongside Sanders and Warren.