Letter from the Editor: An apology to ASCSU

Erik Petrovich

A week ago, the Collegian published a letter to the editor in the paper under an incorrect headline.

The letter, about the failure of college councils to alert students to positions available on the University Facility Fee Review Board, was originally published under the headline “ASCSU is failing you.”


This headline failed to correctly represent the content of the letter and affected the image of the Associated Students of Colorado State University and the letter writers, Clayton King and Tristan Syron.

The Collegian will republish the letter today on Collegian.com under an accurate headline.

Errors like this reflect badly on the Rocky Mountain Student Media Corporation as a whole, and we are working to improve our editorial process to ensure mistakes of this magnitude do not happen again.

The Collegian editorial board apologizes for the incorrect headline and the impact it had on ASCSU, and on Clayton King and Tristan Syron.