ASCSU senator addresses impeachment, Collegian articles

Filipp Dedogryuk

My Fellow Students,

My name is Filipp Dedogryuk, I am a Senator of College of Natural Sciences and a member of ASCSU. I’m aware that for the past few weeks there have been many articles published concerning the impeachment and removal of Kwon Yearby, and while we released a statement, I would like to expand a little bit on some things.


As a Senator, I took an oath to uphold the ASCSU Constitution and I would be in violation of it if I was to reveal more details on the proceedings themselves. I believe this is why Senate has been silent. I can safely say that my decision was made based on the evidence presented to me and after review of all testimony, I voted with confidence. I believe and hope that my fellow Senators did the same. While I cannot say more about the impeachment, I read the Collegian’s article last week calling ASCSU to action — to work with the Collegian to represent students of Colorado State University.

I would like to express my support for this and thus I would love to discuss some of the following: the case regarding the Hughes stadium vs. brand new stadium, the U + 2 law and how we can modify it, and a bill that we are currently discussing in Senate regarding support of Flipped Classrooms.

Admittedly, there are some tensions currently between the Collegian and ASCSU. I would like to extend my hand in the discussion of some of these topics; so let’s discuss what the students want. It is my duty as a senator to listen to people and to represent the voices. I urge anyone who reads this article to email me their opinion regarding some of the topics I listed above. If there are other topics that you would like to see discussed, I urge you to mention those as well. I am here to listen.

I thank you for reading this and I look forward to hearing your views.

Filipp Dedogryuk