Our View: Find a cause and make it count

Collegian Staff

On the 50 year anniversary of the University of California at Berkeley Free Speech Movement, we reflect on a generation of rebels who helped make major strides for our country. Today, there are many of us who are involved in causes that will ultimately shape our generation; from GLBTQ rights to gun lobbies, most of us have a cause that we’re passionate about.

Unfortunately, many of us are also highly apathetic. We are busy with school and figure that someone else has the time and energy to make the strides we don’t have time to pencil into our busy schedules.


As an editorial board, we ask each person on this campus, ourselves included, to find a cause we can get behind. Instead of just hopping on board the most recent cause, whether it be Kony or ALS, spend some time thinking about what you care about and put your energy into contributing to it. Become an expert on the cause meaningful to you. Volunteer your time and manpower. Think about the causes you genuinely support that need your help, and provide what you can.

If we want to make our mark like the generations before us, it’s up to us to ensure that action happens. It’s up to us to join the generations of rebels before us and make the change in the world we see fit.