Letter to the Editor: minimum wage

In response to the editorial titled “Against Raising the Minimum Wage,” published March 31, 2014: My problem is not so much with your argument itself, I will personally have to research that particular issue more in order to make an informed decision.

However, there was a particular line that made my blood boil a little. Miss Woeber stated that “most people in poverty who are living off the government would love to do anything to continue living off the government.” I personally love that argument, because it tends to come from people who have never had to live off the government in their lives.


You think that it’s fun to live off of food stamps? To feel the shame that comes with using that card at King Soopers when you want to get enough food to last for the week? Have you ever needed to donate your own small, minimum wage paycheck to your family so that we can continue living in a cramped two room apartment, instead of putting the money towards college or a car?

It’s not something that you would ever enjoy doing. It is a black mark to be getting money from the government because the head of your household has a debilitating mental illness that does not allow them to get work until they are on the proper medication. Please keep opinions like that to yourself until you walk in the shoes of those you degrade. That’s all I have to say.

Spencer James Nolan