Letter to the Editor: Deep campaign

Dear Collegian Staff,

As a collegiate-level press organization and the official media press at CSU, it is important to be fact-based and analytical. I read your paper everyday so I understand that your “Our View” section is opinion and that you’re organization is currently biased given your public endorsement of Chelsey and Kohl, but you all shouldn’t be misleading.


Making it seem as though Deep and Naomi purposefully missed their hearing out of cowardice was completely off-based. Deep did in fact have a “pre-arranged event”, still, he provided a written statement to the charges, owned up to the mistakes of the campaign and even made it to the meeting to hear the penalty.

What should have been reported was that the elections committee over penalized the Badhesha campaign by giving a $535 fine over an intendedly harmless #ChalkWar. I mean, come on, we are talking about an elementary pastime. Yes, it was immature but we a talking about chalking the “free speech zone” of the plaza.

A great journalist raises questions and makes his/her readers better informed and more edified. I am proud to be a ram and I support our paper but maybe you all should be asking if this fine was an attack on the freedom of speech. A right that should be held so dear to journalist like yourselves.

-Proud Voter of Deep,

Kwjuantiz Yearby

ASCSU senator


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