Party responsibly, CSU

We’ve made it past the hump, CSU. We’re nearly at the end of the hardest week of the semester. We’ve all gotten used to the endless studying and paper writing, which is a good reason to celebrate.

But, there is a right way and a wrong way to celebrate. We encourage to get parties registered with the city before they’re held. It’s good for them to know, and they will give you the courtesy of a call before they send the police, which is something that neighbors usually won’t be kind enough to do.


It’s also a good idea to not go too wild. For one thing, wild parties can escalate quickly. CSU’s made international news twice in last few years for having massive parties that get a whole lot of people arrested. First the pool party, then the riot last spring. We totally get the desire to cut loose, but it’s still a good idea not to accidentally start a riot.

Remember, a couple of years down the road when we’re trying to get jobs after graduation, the person interviewing us isn’t going to see the picture from tonight as just a good time. Playing it safe is the way to go.

Be safe out there, everyone.