The future pope –– the importance of the right selection

Pope Benedictus XVI
Pope Benedictus XVI (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The world is on edge, hanging on the decision of 115 of the most prestigious men, whose conclave will choose the man that will next serve as God’s mouthpiece — the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church.

The passage of power we are witnessing has been anything but typical, with the former Pope remaining very much alive during the relinquishment of his power.


As the next Pope is chosen, there is a battle brewing between those who are intent on reformation, wishing to address modern issues the church has been facing, and cardinals that are more traditional in their views.

While the Catholic church can seem very stagnant in their beliefs, perhaps this is a great opportunity for them to change their public image as well as solving some of the hurdles the church faces by electing a reform-minded pope.

The Pope has an extraordinary amount of influence and an incredible amount of wealth and power, even a slight differentiation from the norm — such as choosing anybody from outside of Europe — could have a substantial impact on the entire global organization.

Once the man who has become the newly elected Pope chooses his new name and changes into his white vestments, accepting the papacy and the homage and obedience of millions of Catholics, the new His Holiness will bring with him the possibility of change.

The effects of this hierarchical restructuring has the potential to bring the Catholic church into the modern age.