RamRide Return- give it a few years

RamRide — for those of you who don’t yet know — is an organization run by volunteers who give free rides home from parties to drunk students.

Yes, it is exactly as free and awesome as it sounds. No gimmicks, no tricks — and no, it’s not a trap to lure in unsuspecting underage drinkers. You don’t have to pretend you’re sober, either. Everybody knows you’re drunk and RamRide doesn’t care.


The majority of CSU students know of this late-night ride and have used it extensively. RamRide has provided more than 160,00 rides since it began on Oct. 24, 2003.

What most students aren’t aware of, however, is RamRide Return — which, as of yet, has not seen the same participatory success as RamRide.

RamRide Return is similar to its predecessor, but instead of driving you home the night of the party, they drive you home (or back to get your car from the party) in the morning.

As amazing as a free ride the morning after festivities sounds, not many students are using it.

These past two weeks (not including Thursday nights), RamRide was used by 515 students. Only 18 used RamRide Return.

Hopefully, as more students become aware of RamRide Return its services will see much higher demand. Since there are not as many volunteers available this year, it’d be a wasteful to stretch RamRide’s resources for a scarcely used program.

If RamRide Return continues to see low rates of participation from students, then perhaps RamRide, the students and even the volunteers would be served better by focusing on the night program and force students to fend for themselves the morning after.