Fall break travel forecast

Austin Harley

As everyone begins to pack up and head home for Thanksgiving, weather conditions across Colorado should cooperate for both air and ground travel. Partly cloudy skies are expected through Friday and Saturday.

Snow will arrive in the mountains Saturday night and continue into Sunday and Monday. So, if you’re headed up to the mountains on Sunday or Monday, be prepared for winter driving conditions.



Even through we’re expecting beautiful weather in Colorado, the rest of the nation is a different story. Below you’ll see the Friday travel forecast. This will certainly be a better day for air travel. Rain showers will begin Friday afternoon and last through the night in Seattle.

Weak storms should develop across eastern Texas and Louisiana, which could prompt a few delays. The main threat will be high winds, but these storms won’t become a real concern until Saturday.


Now, Saturday will certainly bring a few headaches for those headed to Salt Lake City. Up to a foot of snow is expected in the SLC metro area. Part of that same weather system will help to develop periods of heavy rain in Seattle and Portland on Saturday as well.

Austin, Dallas and New Orleans are looking at the possibility of some severe thunderstorms throughout the day and into the night on Saturday. Large hail, damaging winds and a few tornadoes are not out of the question. Keep updated with your flight information and be prepared to deal with some delays.


Enjoy your Thanksgiving break!

Meteorologist Austin Harley can be reached on Twitter: @wx_harley.