What no one tells you about college

Celine Wolff

“College is great! You’ll have so much fun! Don’t party too hard!” These are all the things we hear again and again before we head to college. But there are some things you just can’t prepare for, and some things no one will tell you about. And that’s okay, because then college wouldn’t be any fun. Here are the things we learned over the years.

1. The first test is always the roughest


That’s okay, you can just tell your mom you “haven’t figured out the teacher’s test method’s yet”.

2. You will eat pizza everyday of week…and be okay with it

Every school club will  bribe you to come to the meeting because there will be “free pizza”: works every time.

3. You will show up for class unprepared a few times…or a lot of times.

I was supposed to bring my laptop…? Ohhhh.

4. No matter how hard you try, you WILL procrastinate.


5. While living in the dorms, as soon as you fall asleep, someone or something will wake you up.

6. Finals week is HELL

7. But when it’s over, a weight comes off your shoulders.


As we come to the end of the year, there’s a lot of reflection. What did I learn? What could I have done differently? Why didn’t anyone warn me about that? Because then you wouldn’t have sweet victory of figuring it out for yourself.

Celine Wolff can be reached at collegian@blogs.com and on her Twitter account @wolff_celine.