Tuesday: Still cool, but less wind

Austin Harley

At about 2:00pm on Monday, the winds gusted to 43mph! Tuesday’s winds will feel a lot more tame. There will still be a few clouds around, and the cool air from yesterday isn’t in a hurry to leave. Look at how cool it’s going to be at 9:00am! Fall is here, my friends!



A jacket will be necessary for all of Tuesday, but don’t worry about bringing anything rainproof. The forecast looks totally dry. You may even want to throw a scarf in today too. Morning commuters should even consider layering up a bit.


The average temperature for the last week in October is 60 degrees. We won’t stray far from that over the next five days. Clouds will come and go throughout the week, but don’t expect any precipitation. Overnight lows are getting pretty cool now. If you haven’t moved your plants indoors yet, then they’re probably already dead.



Meteorologist Austin Harley can be reached on Twitter: @wx_harley.