Small Town Nightmares – Part 14

The long tunnel towards the conclusion of this whole tired thing gives the impression of wanting to be sterile, wanting to be scientific with the best of intentions, and failing.

Everything is metal with the bare minimum of features, the areas where the wired bodies lay filled only with a metal table for the subject, and sometimes a chair or another item of little importance. Everything steel, everything metal, everything concrete covered by the sterile light of fluorescent lamps and trying to be featureless but covered with the grime that comes from use by living things.


Yet for all this, I find the placement of the wires in the people. Why the eyes? Why not the ears, or the larger hole of the mouth? I have a theory why the wires haven’t been placed in anywhere except the eyes, and this theory is backed up by the rivalry between the demons Buer and Amduscias for the souls of the people of this town. The wires go through the eye sockets because, as the old cliché goes, the eyes are the windows to the soul.

Crying tells so much, the slight rising of the lower eyelids can help distinguish a legitimate smile from a fake, and the expression of the eyes being so key to an actor’s success, and so much more emotion told through these roving little organs, shows their import to emotion. While the voice can express emotion and information, it does so in an obvious manner, and it can be altered and disguised, and lies told with it. But in the rarest of exceptions, eyes tell the truth more often than the voice.

There’s clearly something important about them. Buer commisioned this entire facility– it stinks of his indifferent logic – and Amduscias seems especially greedy to own the power of this place. With that in my mind as I continue down the tunnels, I find that I myself am interested to see the ultimate secret of this place.