Quick post from Cannes

GREAT NEWS! I went to the Rheumatologist again and got a new medication. It has worked a little bit and I hope it continues to work forever and always. They also took my blood and are doing who knows what with it to find out what my problem is. My finger isn’t as sausagey today so that’s good. This past weekend I didn’t go out at all because my feet were hurting so bad and I also got a fever out of nowhere. Life hated me and I stared right back and hated it. But enough about the negatives.



A week ago a couple of my friends and I went over to our friend Marco’s house to have dinner and such. Marco works at the college and is native to France. It was a blast. We went about 5 and started the festivities while he was cooking the meal basically alone. We all offered but he was happy to be having us all over. He was saying that he likes Americans the most because we love to have a good time and are always happy and laughing. Go America. I was the last one to leave Marco’s because I live 2 minutes from his house while everyone else lives at the college.


School has been good, my teacher is still hilarious. Apparently we moved up a level which we had no idea but looks like I’m that much closer to becoming a total pro. We have an exam in my society class Monday, which I am not looking forward to but whatever, gotta do what I gotta do. Today the two Libyan’s in our class brought snacks because they are leaving while we are in Paris tomorrow. It was very nice of them and I was very happy.


Night life is continuing to be super fun, constantly having new adventures with my friends. No Peter’s have approached me yet which is a great sign! The Carnival de Nice was insane. It had the most bizarre floats, unfortunately I didn’t bring my camera because I’m awful at that but I will highjack my friends’ facebooks and steal the pictures they took and claim them as my own.


I’m very excited for Paris tomorrow. We have things planned with our program such as Museum d’Orsay, Eiffel Tower, and other things I forgot. I really want to go to Disneyland Paris but I think that’s out of the question unfortunately. Le Chateau de Versailles is on the agenda for Saturday which I will definitely bring my camera for. I will post pictures as they come. Spring break is creeping up real quick, as well as my birthday!!!! I will never be illegal again. Some of the students in the program are going to Dublin in May and I think I’m going to join them, because Ireland seems like a ball of a time.


WELP gotta go!



À bientôt