10 Things We’ll Miss About Being On Vacation

It’s great to be back in Fort Collins and all, but we could do without the excess homework and 8:00 A.M. alarms.  Here’s some things that we’ll miss from being on spring break.

1. Mom having breakfast ready as soon as you wake up



Parents seem to just know when their children are hungry, and waking up to a steaming plate of pancakes was just what we needed this break.  Back at the old apartment, though, you’ll have to make those flapjacks yourself- your roommates don’t really care if you wake up hungry.

2. Being “on vacation” from your diet


You were on vacation- you deserved to eat whatever you wanted.  However, now you’re back, and the lettuce in your fridge seems to be mocking the holiday belly you’ve spent 7 days filling with pizza, beer, and mom’s flapjacks.

 3. Putting off schoolwork

giphy (1)

Homework over vacation?  Yeah, that’s not getting done until the Sunday before school starts up again.  It was nice to know you didn’t have to touch that Poli-Sci essay for another week, but then that week became three days, and then two, and then one….

 4. Living in luxury

TiVo Central

Mom and dad have a device that can actually pause and record television.  That sure beats the cable in your room that cuts out every time someone walks down the hall or touches the entertainment center.

5. Seeing old high school friendsgiphy (2)

It was so lovely to see everyone you used to know, mainly just because of how you finally managed to get your cowlick to stay down and now know how to properly carry on a conversation without using the term “amaze-balls”.   Oh, and because of how much you missed them.  That, too.

 6. Staying up until 3:00 AM and sleeping in until noon

giphy (3)

It was nice to not really care about your sleep schedule over break since you didn’t have classes in the morning, but now you’re just trying to wake up in the morning without wanting to punch someone.  Maybe one last nap will get you back on track?


7. Spending time with family

giphy (4)

Oh yeah, these people are actually funny and wonderful.  How could you have forgotten that after being away for only a few months?  

8. Trying out new recipes


At home, you really have nothing to lose when it comes to cooking.   Even if you mess up your recipe, your parents have, like, two more cartons of eggs in the back of the fridge, anyway.  Back at the apartment, you can’t afford to mess up anything- did you even see the price of flour at the store?

9. Having time to travel

Horsetooth Reservoir. Courtesy of flickr.com.
Horsetooth Reservoir. Courtesy of flickr.com.

During the school year, you hardly have time to take a shower.  Over break, though, you have all the time in the world, whether that means jumping on a plane to Mexico or heading down to Horsetooth for an impromptu hike.

10. Realizing the world is bigger than CSU

giphy (6)

One of the best things about spring break is that you break out of the barriers of your dorm/apartment/house and reintegrate yourself into a world that isn’t defined by due dates or advisor meetings.  CSU is wonderful, but sometimes it’s easy to forget that there’s a whole wide world outside of college waiting for you to explore it.

Images taken from Zemanta, all GIFs from Giphy.com