10 Things Pokémon can teach CSU students

The first 52 episodes of Pokémon were just put on Netflix. While you avoid mid-term studying, binge watching and reliving the ’90s, there are still some lessons the classic series can teach us college students.

1. Don’t get too wild at parties


Remember when Jigglypuff decided to draw all over these two when they were passed out? Yeah, college isn’t much different. If you get a little too wild at a party, you might wake up with some unwanted decorations on your skin.


2. There’s no shame in being sleepy

Let’s face it: we’re all cramming for mid-terms. This time of year, campus can seem more like an episode of The Walking Dead with tired students just trying to make it to their next class. Slowpoke doesn’t care, and you shouldn’t either. Whether you endured a long Pokémon battle or a challenging exam, being sleepy is just fine.


3. It’s good to have a specialty

Misty, the stellar Cerulean City gym leader, solely trains water-type Pokémon. So if you’re a great writer but not so good at math, or if you’re great with your hands but hate analyzing Shakespeare, no worries. You have a specialty, embrace it.


4. Your friends aren’t always going to be on your side

It’s pretty much impossible to count the number of times Ash has been attacked by his own Pokémon. Same goes for friends in college: sometimes they will rock your world, other times it’ll feel like they’re breathing fire right into your face.



5. No matter how bad you think you did, someone probably did worse

Look at these two. They are part of a crime organization that is trying to take over the world, yet they’ve spent hundreds of episodes simply trying to steal one Pikachu and haven’t succeeded. They are literally the worst they could be at their jobs, so you are probably doing just fine where you’re at.


6. First impressions aren’t always accurate

At the start of the series, Ash basically got stuck with his Pikachu. It wouldn’t go into his Pokéball, constantly disobeyed its master, and electrocuted Ash numerous times. A few episodes later, the pair got along famously. Same goes for students. You might have a bad taste in your mouth meeting someone for the first time, but give it time.


7. Everyone is a critic

It’s a running joke that Jigglypuff’s go-to song never goes over too well with listeners. As a student, you may love something you did or made, but there will always be someone that didn’t. Brush it off and move on.


8. Don’t be too reckless, cops are everywhere

Cops in Fort Collins can be just as suspicious of students as Officer Jenny has been of Ash and the gang. Anyone who’s driven down College on a Friday night knows that cops are everywhere, waiting for a reason to pull students over. Don’t give them a reason.


9. Biking is a great form of transportation

In the very first episode, Ash’s Pikachu was almost a goner, so they sped to a Pokémon Center. Need to get somewhere quick? A bike in Fort Collins is always the way to go. Just make sure you don’t steal it from Misty, like Ash did. She will remind you about it every episode for the rest of the season.


10. Food and drink is the best way to take a load off

Since mid-terms are coming up, there are going to be times when you just need a break. Having a nice, tall beverage with some good food is always a nice way to relax, and refuel. Just don’t steal anything or tie anyone up, like the Squirtle Squad did to get their food.

Some will dismiss Pokémon as a silly kid’s show, but it can teach even us old and grown college students a thing or two about living life. Happy studying, trainers!