CSU becoming a popular university among international students

With the increasing number of international students being enrolled in various classes, you would have asked this question several times in your head and maybe asked a few of the international students too: Why did you choose Colorado State University?

Now, most of the out of state students would have considered the weather in Colorado and they would have seen the advantage of snowboarding in this weather. International students, who may not be accustomed to this weather, would not associate their reasoning behind choosing Colorado with the out of state students.


The reason these international students like being in Colorado and particularly at Colorado State University is because of you — the people of Fort Collins. The students at this university and the people of the Fort Collins community have always had a welcoming personality which makes this college the one of the best places to call home for the international students.

“The people of Fort Collins are generally nice people to talk to and get to know,” said Akdi, an international student from Morocco and a transfer student from University of South Florida.

This community has helped people from all over the world feel safe and enjoy their college life by being around a friendly community.

In an interview with a South Korean student, Yun Gao seemed to love the environment of Colorado State University.

“There is so much peace in this state and students at this university are generally nice to get along with when compared to universities in big cities,” Gao said. “The city of Fort Collins is a big factor as to why people come here and having a college town in Colorado makes a good match for international students to feel welcomed.”

So take pride in yourself, your city and your campus because you have made an impact on these international students by making them feel at home even though home for them is thousands of miles away.

Collegian editor at large Usman Bandukda can be reached at community@collegian.com