7 Highly Effective Habits of Stylish People

While on Pinterest the other day, I found this amazing article that describes the seven habits of stylish people. Upon clicking the link, I was skeptical, but curious. I thought the habits were going to be very impractical, but they are actually really easy and make sense! So if you are curious about exactly are habits of stylish people, keep on reading!

1 | They don’t copy label for label off of street style blogs


Inspiration is called inspiration for a reason; it’s supposed to inspire you to come up with your own version. Someone already wore what you saw, so it’s been done. I’m not saying you can’t wear what you see, but use what you see and put your own twist on it.

2 | They can find something at any store and make it work

Whether it be Chanel or Walmart, stylish people aren’t afraid of any store. They don’t turn up their nose at any place, as long as they stay true to their style aesthetic. A true style guru will pull from anywhere, making their style unique. Who only needs to wear one label, anyway?

3 | They style themselves according to their own taste

It’s all in the styling! Yes, you may have this boring button down shirt, but what makes it look cool is the way the wearer styles it. Maybe they roll up the sleeves or partially tuck it in or layer with it. It’s all up to your style preferences.

4 | They look a little less done than everyone around them

They are the people who are in Converse while everyone is in heels. They aren’t afraid to make a jumpsuit black-tie ready. They are the people who chop their hair into a bob while the trend is long. No matter what it is, they make a statement without making a statement.

5 | They know that labels aren’t everything

These people don’t need labels to make them feel cool, they just are cool. It’s the confidence that makes them cool and stylish.

6 | They know the trends, but they aren’t trendy


The most stylish people have a consistent uniform they reach for. They will replace their classic pieces with newer, more modern ones. They don’t fall victim to the one season fads or the hair-raising trends.

7 | They don’t dress to be considered “stylish”


Stylish people don’t expect to get compliments; they dress for themselves and no one else. They dress in what works for them and their lifestyle. Yes, it may be considered “cool” to wear heels around your college campus, but you know it’s more comfortable to wear flat boots instead. It’s much cooler because you feel much more confident in your skin.


So there you have it, proof that you don’t have to have the best clothes from the best brands to be considered stylish. Stylish comes from within and being comfortable, happy, and true to your own style.