Memorable Holiday Gifting

Making the Holidays Memorable.

The best gifts are the ones that touch our hearts, the ones we’re able to use and make memories out of, or ones we get to see everyday knowing how special you are to someone.


Memorable gifts are never forgotten due to the fact that they symbolize so much more than the thought of holiday cheer, but rather the value and impact an individual has on your life. The point of a memorable gift is to make it bring back laughter, devotion and truly show someone how meaningful they are to your life.

The process is a little longer than purchasing the materialistic object at the mall and having them wrap it, but it is a lot more priceless being able to see your friend unwrap something and instantaneously be filled with emotions, memories and possibly tears of happiness. The top gifts to give that won’t be forgotten this 2013 Holiday season are as follows:

  1. A Best Friend Frame – A picture of two of you doing one of your favorite things! The frame is a great place for you to get creative, either the quick and easy-made with sticks, or a clear one you can slide a picture into and then write something special on the frame to always remind your friend how much they mean to you.

  2. A day on you – This is a classic coupon type of gift and can be oriented to any type of friend, family member or significant other. Some ideas are:

    1. For a girlfriend: Getting your nails done together, which gives you time to chat and looking festive.

    2. For a guy friend: A day up on the mountain, whether this is skiing at his favorite place, or a day out just adventuring — it’ll be a treat!

    3. Making a dinner for a friend or taking them out- Winter squash soup recipe, some candles and a great conversation — it’s a small gesture that will always be appreciated

    4. An ice skating date at EPIC or City Park

    5. A massage for two — there are many options in the Fort Collins area, such as SHESHE or NoCO messages.

These types of gifts make memories and bring you closer together:

  1. A drawn card- They are great for wall decor, something your friend will look at everyday and is always awesome to see!

  2. Homemade Ornaments – Buy yourself a clear ornament from Target where you can easily glue pictures to the inside of the globe. With much patience, you will create a masterpiece which will fill your friends with joy every year when they whip out their ornaments (yours being their favorite, of course). To add a snazzy touch to this original gift, hang a small star or emblem on the inside. They’ll be guilty they didn’t have any creative ideas like this one!

  3. Silly things – A gift box of several silly objects, or normal objects presented in a silly way will make you both laugh and keep the humor alive between the two of you. Add in objects like funny-looking glasses, or small gift cards to their favorite places wrapped in huge boxes. Gift cards to their favorite places, such as Alley Cat or the Bagel Place are very much appreciated.

College Avenue reporter Josephine Bush can be reached at Watch for your full holiday gift guide issue of College Avenue Magazine in your Collegian Weds. Dec. 11!