How international students impact CSU

Over the years, CSU has contributed in various ways to welcome students from all around the world to be a part of their community. It has always been open to international students coming to gain the experience of learning English, while also giving back to CSU for all the help international students have received from this university.

You may not see this often, but the international students have the ability to strive as hard as any student, and may do even better with the experience they have being in a different culture. The commitment to stay away from their family and not going back every weekend to Denver so they can meet their parents has lead them to live in an independent world in such a short period of time. This is something they never experienced back in their home country to live on their own, because collectivism is everything in the majority of their countries.


However, their courage of going out of their social norm and putting themselves in a crowd that doesn’t fully understand the culture of these students has given them the opportunity to be involved in several organizations and work places. They are everywhere on campus and are putting in the effort to be a part of this university’s community by getting involved in various clubs. They may be seen mostly working in the dining centers as their first job, but you can see them be a part of Greek Life, be tutors with their excessive knowledge in math and science, be mentors for other international students coming in, and hold leadership positions in various international clubs, such as the Global Ambassadors Program.

So next time when you see an international student on campus, think for a second that they may have different cultures and speak different languages but they have the leadership skills any student on campus would have and may be involved in the same organization, community or workplace as you are part of.