What makes America already great

Adelayde Dahlin

There is a lot of animosity in the world today, so much so that we sometimes forget how good we have it. We sometimes forget that everything does not always have to be one hundred percent serious all the time, instead sometimes we just need to be light hearted, laugh with our friends and think about the good things, no matter how little or silly those things seem. America is not a country without its problems, it has many, and there is no denying that. However, at a time like this, it is good to think about the things we love that are easy and small and take up little space in our minds, and the things that already make America great.

National Parks


For one, we have the national parks. Tell me those breathtaking places are impossible not to fall in love with?

American road trips

We also have the American road trip. This is something iconic to all of us, it is something we have all done growing up with our families, and continue to do now with our friends. We all try to plan one every summer, but having them actually work out is a whole other story.

American summers

A few small things that make an American summer great are root beer floats, s’mores, barbeques, country music and summer night baseball games, along with so many other things not mentioned as well. We also have our fair share of beer cozies. Yes, I am actually saying that beer cozies are something that already make America great. How can I not? They are everywhere, they are generally amusing and they are perfect for game days, boat days and the Fourth of July, which is the holiday that blatantly makes America already great. Plus, it brings with it an influx of everyone eating those firecracker red white and blue popsicles and really, can you ask for anything better than those?

American TV

What else makes America already great? Well we have Shonda Rhimes. The genius behind “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Scandal” and “How to Get Away with Murder.” I mean we are not really America if we are not binge-watching television shows all the time. Therefore, another person who automatically already makes America great is definitely Jimmy Fallon. If we had a king, it should be him. Now a specific television show that already makes this country great is quite obviously “F.R.I.E.N.D.S..” I do not think there is any other choice. We have all seen the re-runs, and we were all emotionally invested in Ross and Rachel’s relationship.

The small things

Now let us just name a few more quick and general things that continue to already make the U.S. great. According to Colorado State University student Ram Chase White, Obama-Biden memes are one of these things. There is also football, In-N-Out Burger, southern accents, football again, the Kentucky Derby, the strange big hat wearing Kentucky Derby parties people throw for the Kentucky Derby, the gross but reasonable idea behind pickelback shots, moonshine and yeti coolers. Plus, we have Greek Life.

These all may seem like small and trivial things, but sometimes that is what makes us happy and sometimes that is enough to make a country already great, at least in our own minds for a little while.


We should remember that we all like the little things, and in fact those little things are sometimes the things that bring people together.

According to CSU student Grace Wyka, the small things are what makes America great.

“We have a little bit of every bit of the world,” Wyka said.