CSU theatre program to perform Jacob-Jenkins’ ‘Appropriate’

Claire Oliver

Talking about certain topics can be difficult for some.  Some people ignore those conversations and push real-life issues under the carpet because they distract from their happy life around them.

Tech rehearsal for Appropriate
The cast of “Appropriate” rehearse for the upcoming show. (Left to Right) student Sonny Walls plays Toni, Keegan Bockhorst plays Bo, and DeAnza Banuelos plays Rachael. The three argue over what to do with the junk left in their father’s old house. (Photo by Claire Oliver | Collegian)

In Brandon Jacob-Jenkins’ “Appropriate,” put on by the Colorado State University theatre program, these issues are revealed in all their glory.


After the death of their father, siblings Toni, Bo and Frank find themselves saddled with what remains of an old plantation house in rural Arkansas. As the three siblings try to figure out what to do with the property and the mountains of debt that come with it, they begin to crumble under the weight of junk and forgotten family history.  The play, directed by Garrett Ayers, directly discusses issues that some people would rather stay hidden in basements and old photo albums. 

It’ll make you laugh and it will hopefully make you question your viewpoints on society.” -Richard Keesling, theatre major  

 “The show is a dark comedy that I’m sure will be leaving a lasting impression on the audience,” said the show’s assistant director, Richard Keesling. 

Keesling is majoring in theatre with a concentration in directing. 

 “It’ll make you laugh and it will hopefully make you question your viewpoints on society,” Keesling said.

The show focuses on some very sensitive material.  The question of race, sexuality and religion are all addressed within the show, as well as how, no matter how long you may know a person, you may never really learn their true thoughts.

Toni, portrayed by performance major Sonny Walls, finds this out the hard way as she deals with the possibility that her father was not everything she imagined him to be.  Her relationships with her siblings as well as with her father begin to crumble just as the old house does. 

The story is gripping, with twists you never see coming and difficult content that is hard to talk about is forced to center stage. 

The show “Appropriate” will open on Feb. 16 and will run until Feb. 25.  Tickets are free for Colorado State students. 

“You’re going to have to see it more than once if you want to understanding everything,” Keesling said.  “So go get tickets.”

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