Friday the 13th tattoo, piercing discounts in FoCo

Ashley Potts

Audrey Ancell tattoos a client. (Olive Ancell | Collegian)

What’s scarier than getting stabbed by needles repeatedly?

Multiple Fort Collins tattoo and piercing parlors will be offering deals for Friday the 13th. Most parlors will offer $13 piercings as well as varying deals on tattoo prices.


Parabrahma Tattoo Collective, located at 325 E Mulberry Street, is offering $13 basic piercings. Basic piercings means nothing below the belt and no surface anchors, all with basic steel jewelry. Jewelry upgrades are available at an additional cost. The Collective will open their doors for this event at noon and stop taking names at 8 p.m. The event has been busy in the past, so arriving early is wise.

Freakshow Tattoo, Rocksteady Tattoo and Covenant Tattoo are all offering $13 basic piercings or $10 basic piercings to those in costumes. The deal is available all day. Freakshow Tattoo is located at 1232 West Elizabeth Street. Rocksteady Tattoo is located at 1634 South College Avenue. And Covenant Tattoo is located at 602 South College Avenue. 

Genuine Tattoo is offering $13 piercings as well as $31 tattoo deals. The $13 piercing deal is good for ear lobes, helix, industrial, labret, monroe, madonna, medusa, lip piercings, dimples, eyebrows, nostrils, belly buttons, tongues and nipples. Piercings that require both sides, such as ears, some lip piercings or nipples are $13 for each side.

The $31 deal includes tattoos from a flash sheet. No changes to the designs will be accepted, including size changes. The designs will be posted a few days in advance at

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