9 shopping tips for the Downtown Summer Sale

Gracie Ludens

Shopping days can be exhausting, especially when hours are spent wandering stores with nothing to show for it. Don’t let those discouraging days stop you from taking a day, or three, to explore the Downtown Summer Sale.

Two bikers are photographed riding down the street on a sunny day in Old Town.
Old Town (Photo courtesy of en.wikipedia.org)

From July 13 to July 15, 27 businesses are offering their merchandise or services at a discounted price.  To boost your shopping confidence, take a look at these 9 applicable shopping tips:


1. Come on the first day of the sale, and come early.

Avid shoppers know that some of the best deals will be snatched up quickly; to ensure that you get the best deal from your favorite participating store, come bright and early.

2. Coming early and seeing so many great deals may force you to choose between items; know how to decide what you want.

If you are forced to pick between items, picture the item in one hand and the money it costs in other. Sometimes mental visualization is all it takes to understand what you want more.

3. It’s difficult to choose between items, so make sure you feel confident in what you buy.

Be sure that you feel great in the items you choose as those feelings will be carried with you into everyday life.

4. Buy out of season clothing as well.

While a sweatshirt may feel superfluous in the summertime, Cameron Moon, owner of Magnolia Moon, says “don’t be scared to shop out of season.” Chances are out of season clothes are going to be cheaper now, and if you love what you find, buy it; you’ll be wearing it in only a few short months.

5. Finding cheap clothes, no matter the season, is always a shopping win. Whenever you come across a good deal, stock up.

Summer sales do not happen every day, so when low price items are put in your path, it may be worth thinking about buying a couple more than you need. Having backup is always a good idea.


6. To ensure that you find the best deals out there, walk each side of the street.

Downtown Fort Collins has participating stores scattered around the streets, and your next great deal may be just across the road.

7. Plan on walking to each store you want to explore because parking can be an issue.

Use a parking garage, take the Max or bike to Old Town to avoid the inevitable lack of parking in the downtown area. Happy Lucky’s Tea House owner Kari Grady Grossman said, “this town has amazing bike lane infrastructure – use it!”

8. Since walking and biking around Old Town will be preferable to driving, map out participating stores that you don’t want to miss.

Know where you’re going, but be willing to stop at other places that catch your eye along the way. Who knows, maybe that unplanned stop will be your new favorite store.

Collegian reporter Gracie Ludens can be reached at entertainment@collegian.com or on Twitter @gracie_ludens.