Alec Reviews Music: Grayscale delivers emotional new record with ‘Adornment’

Alec Erickson

Bearing your feelings into a song might be a difficult challenge for some. For Grayscale, this is something that they never had much of a problem with. Telling stories in a way that makes sense and is catchy and fun to listen to is the best way to describe the bands previous effort on their record “What We’re Missing.” Now just over a year later we have their Fearless Records debut album “Adornment” and it is everything and more that you would expect from Grayscale.

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Based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Grayscale are some new comers in the alternative rock scene. Forming back in 2011, they have been busy touring and releasing their now two records. Vocalist Collin Walsh unique and compelling voice is just what the band needs to deliver their emotional and powerful lyrics. This is one band that does not go for cheap rhymes or simple song structure, there is a lot of depth to their music and that is something that is both refreshing and enjoyable. Grayscale always manages to come up with memorable melodies and in your face riffs. This is one band that knows exactly the kind of music that they are making and are setting out to make it, this is apparent with their sophomore effort “Adornment.”


“Adornment” is a 11-track record that clocks in around 39 minutes in length. The one takeaway is how different each track is from one another. You never get the feeling that you are listening to the same song twice. Each track has its own energy and feeling to it, while they are strong independently from one another, the record as a whole has works really well together. From front to back, you are taken on an emotional roller coaster and never struggle to connect with any track. “Adornment” is great in the regards that it keeps reeling you in time after time with its energy.

Musically, there is a lot to unpack here. From the catchy melodies of tracks like “Beautiful Things” to the slow progression on tracks like “Forever Yours.” Grayscale managed to build each track in a way that is layered together in a way that sounds new and full of energy. You do not get the feeling of things sounding too overproduced as tracks still have a rough edge about them. When you listen to “Come Undone” or “Mum” you get these rhythms that build up and release in a way that just gets you excited for what you are listening to. Then there are tracks like “Atlantic” or “Fever Dream,” which when they break down you understand why there are standout tracks on their own.

Lyrically, “Adornment” is packed full of stories that are both personal and relatable. You listen to something like “Beautiful Things,” which deals with something as heavy as someone considering suicide. You cannot help but feel something with Walsh’s vocals having a perfect delivery for each track. Then listening to “Mum” you cannot help but feel sorry in a way for how the song is apologizing to a mother. There is not anything surface level about the content of this record. That is one thing that makes “Adornment” such a solid record. Listening to tracks like “Come Undone,” which features As It Is’ Patty Walters who can carry a song no problem and Walsh, has no problem in outshining him on the song you cannot help but admire that. The closing track is also something that was handled with taste, “If I Ever See You Again” closes the record that makes you need a minute and to think about it. That is exactly how it should be done because it keeps you coming back time and time again.

Should you listen to it?: Absolutely!

If anything can be said about “Adornment” it is that it is an emotional and moving record. Grayscale are at their best with this one, and in the few short years have proven themselves as a game changer in the scene. You will not find it hard to find something that you appreciate off this record and this is one record that you will want to listen to in full to get the entire effect. Grayscale blend storytelling and emotion with such ease that is meaningful. “Adornment” is one of the must-have records of the year.