CSU’s Engineers Without Borders to display completed projects

Alaysha Powell

On May 3, Colorado State University’s chapter of Engineers Without Borders will be hosting their biannual fundraising event, Bands Without Borders.

Engineers Without Borders is an organization branched throughout several chapters in the world. These chapters work with their communities to help solve problems that affect their way of living. Many communities around the world live in conditions that do not meet the basic needs all humans need to survive. This organization’s goal is to change that.


“We’re installing solar panels to bring light where it is dark,” reads the Engineers Without Borders website. “We’re digging for water so hope can spring from the ground. Each project builds the foundation for a community to thrive for years to come.”

The Bands Without Borders event will be full of music, food and prizes. Local bands will perform throughout the night in order to help the organization raise money. The money will go toward the projects that Engineers Without Borders is currently working on. The organization wants to reach out to the community for help while also showing them exactly what projects are being worked on. Their goal is to stay in contact with the Fort Collins community in order to show them how these donations are being used to change the world for others.

“Our real objective is to get the stories behind our projects out there for the CSU community to see,” reads the website.

The CSU chapter has not only worked to improve the community in Fort Collins, but has worked to expand their projects throughout the world.

“We have a few different projects,” said Priscilla Mercedes Vázquez, a council representative for Engineers Without Borders.“Including one in Pine Ridge, South Dakota, on a Native American reservation, and one in a rural community in El Salvador.”

The event will be hosted by the Colorado Room from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. Tickets will be between $5 to $10. People of all ages and majors are welcome to join. For more information visit their website.

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