The Lincoln Center to present local production of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ this weekend

A lot of hype surrounds “Beauty and the Beast” as the world gears up for the March release of the remake starring Emma Watson. But, you do not have to wait for March to experience the classic tale. You can experience “Beauty and the Beast” on a local scale at The Lincoln Center Nov. 18 through Nov. 20.

“It has some very epic, dark moments, some wonderful fight scenes..we have really silly fun moments,” said Aimee Woods who will be portraying Mrs. Potts.


Sydney Johnson who will be playing the role of Babette said the show is for all ages to enjoy.

“We hope as many people as possible get to see this,” Johnson said.

According to the cast, it is a very elaborate show with many different, eccentric costumes. Everyone has at least three costume changes, and some characters, like the Beast, are changing onstage.

Not only are there costume changes galore, but there are also huge complex costumes for those portraying the household objects. The teapot costume is made of pvc pipes and thermal blankets and the wardrobe even has functioning drawers.

“The enchanted castle characters are alive inside of their physical costumes, so they are quite large,” Woods said.

Anthony Weber who will be performing as the Beast said in these costume changes, the audience will see things happen very slowly and dramatically.

“One of the biggest differences between the musical and the movie is in the musical everybody is slowly transforming into their objects, whereas in the movie, it’s like boom, candelabra,” Weber said.

Weber said the cast is very strong and supportive of one another.

“The cast is just so amazing, and we’ve all just worked together to make this show as great as possible,” Weber said. “There’s no egos. There’s no conflict between the cast members. We all love and support each other, and that’s going to show on stage. This is the most close knit cast I’ve ever been a part of.”

Johnson said that although the cast has put a lot of effort into the production, they are only performing for one weekend.


“The hardest part is knowing we only get one weekend to show our hard work,” Johnson said.

Woods said that while the musical and the Disney film follow the same plot and share songs, the musical stands on its own.

“This is more ‘real world’, so the humans are more flawed and the fantastic creatures are just that more fantastic as a result,” Woods said.

Johnson said there are also a lot more added songs in the musical version.

“A lot of those songs were written for the animated film but never added,” Johnson said.

Woods said The Lincoln Center is a positive place perform at, and “Beauty in the Beast” is predicted to be a great show.

“I’ve actually been with the company for 14 years, so every opportunity I get to perform with them, I jump on that, and the fact that it’s ‘Beauty on the Beast’ is icing on the cake,” Woods said.

Weber above all else, audiences will enjoy a lot of songs performed with powerful voices.

“The best part is the music,” Weber said. “That’s what I love the most. That’s what makes a show for me. That’s what I connect with the most. It’s an amazing show. It’s been a dream role of mine for a little while, so I’m lucky to be able to do it.”

Tickets start at $16 and are available at