“Person of Interest” series finale delivers closure

Connor DeBlieck

The 13th and final episode of the popular CBS show “Person of Interest,” based on the popular science fiction novel and movie “Minority Report,” aired Tuesday, June 21, and brought fans closure, despite the condensed season. While there were areas in the last episode that the creators could have expanded on more, they did a perfect job of wrapping things up, instead of cashing in with a cop out ending.

During the final season of the show, the story and characters began to shift from their roots of using an Artificial Intelligence (AI) known as The Machine to predict crime before it happens. In “Person of Interest’s” final seasons, a new AI emerges known as Samaritan. Unlike The Machine’s duty to protect and value human life, Samaritan sees humanity as irrelevant, and it’s only goal is to become powerful and rule over humanity, eliminating anyone who opposes it. 


Sacrifices were made leading up to the final episode. The show’s protagonists and antagonists, whose job is to carry out their AI’s demands, clash. Harold Finch (Michael Emerson) uploaded a virus as a way to destroy Samaritan, but that came at the cost his own AI, The Machine and everything else technological being destroyed. “Return0 (Zero)” dealt with an economic fallout because of this virus, and he had to race against time to stop Samaritan from surviving the virus. 

Despite the global economic fallout being more of a background topic that could have been touched on more, director Jonathan Nolan and producer J.J. Abrams created a fantastic series finale. The episode brought the characters full circle, which was important to ending on a solid note. 

The finale shifted far from the show’s roots to encompass topics such as government surveillance, clashing AI’s, and global economic fallout from a technological virus. The finale focused strongly on the philosophical debate between life and death.

With one beloved character sure to meet their end before the final curtains fell, The Machine discussed how “she” discovered the meaning of life and death. During the finale, The Machine makes a very memorable statement. “She” said, “If even a single person remembers you, then maybe you never really die at all.” These words left such a strong impact that if this show was left to run it’s story arc naturally, it would have been something far greater.

Final Score: 9/10

Unlike most television shows, “Person of Interest” brought audiences memorable and thought evoking topics that made the show truly one of a kind. 

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