Why I’m Team Captain America

Connor DeBlieck

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With the latest Marvel installment “Captain America: Civil War” hitting theaters this Friday, fans are left deciding who to root for. Team Captain America or Team Iron Man?


“Captain America: Civil War” will revolve around a conflict between Iron Man (Tony Stark) and Captain America (Steve Rogers). Stark seeks to enforce government control over superheroes and keep them under check. He believes heroes that go unchecked are no better than the villains that they fight. Stark has gone through a lot since his origins in the first “Iron Man” movie back in 2008. His business parter sold Stark Industry’s technology and weapons to terrorists, and the villains he encountered let their selfish desires control them. Stark also went through a wormhole in space during the first “Avengers” film and witnessed first-hand that security measures must be in place for the betterment of society with the creation of Ultron in “Avengers: Age of Ultron.”

On the other hand, Rogers is often referred to as the “First Avenger.” He started out as a petite and frail soldier who tried endlessly to be enlisted in the military during WWII, but always failed because he could never pass the physical inspections and requirements. Rogers was eventually enlisted only to be the test subject of an experiment that made him into the super-soldier Captain America. As Captain America, Rogers led the United States to victory in Germany, but became frozen in ice. He awoke in modern time and had to adjust to a massive culture shock.

While I am a big fan of both characters, I have to side more with Captain America. He witnessed first-hand during Hitler’s reign in Germany that government control and restrictions can lead to extreme measures that benefit no one. Stark believes he his committing a selfless act by doing what he believes is better for everyone rather than himself. But he acts on it even after Rogers disagrees. Rogers grew up during an era of selflessness. He enlisted in the military not because he hoped to become a stronger person through the experiment, but to commit the most selfless act of all. He served his country and protected those he loved. Rogers was more than willing to put his life on the line for others, while Stark conflicted with himself over his selfish tendencies.

While the issue between the heroes can be debated between fans, I have to side with Team Captain America. Team Captain America is the most rational choice because he is understanding all sides of an issue and brings people together to create an outcome that benefits everyone rather than a few.

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