Ten places all new students should go to in Fort Collins

Connor DeBlieck

For new incoming freshman and transfer students, Fort Collins is packed full of unique shops and a wide array of places to eat, in addition to an extensive list of events to attend. Fort Collins and Old Town offer an amazing collection of places to dine or, for the broke college students, window shop.

With all of the businesses to pick from, these 10 places stand far more out of the crowd than others.


1. Revolution Artisan Pops

A brand-new store that opened their downs in early February of 2016, Revolution is located off of College Avenue and is solely dedicated to gourmet and one-of-a-kind popsicles you can’t find anywhere else.

2. Alley Cat

Enough can already be said about this choice. This is a must-go-to hang-out spot for all CSU students. Alley Cat is a coffee shop located off Laurel Street, is open 24/7 and has a delicious selection of pastries and beverages (not limited to strictly coffee — they have smoothies, Italian sodas and milkshakes). Alley Cat is the prime spot were every college students grinds out their homework. It is conveniently located above the eatery Dam Good Tacos, where students can also enjoy amazing street tacos.

3. Harbinger Coffee

Located off of South Mason Street, Harbinger is a unique coffee shop that appears as a modern take on coffee but follows original recipes. At Harbinger’s, a chai is not milk-based like everywhere else, but rather tea-based like the traditional recipe. Harbinger’s also caters to tea drinkers if you’re not into coffee.

4. Walrus Ice Cream and Kilwins

This one is a cheat, being two separate places disguised as one, but both sweet shops make their own ice cream that is far better than most ice cream shops I’ve been to. Walrus also features a fun joke flavor that changes with the holidays and months. Kilwins sells fudge and a small collection of hand-crafted candies and truffles. Think of a Sees Candies, but a whole lot better and a little more affordable.  

5. Curiosities

This shop sells unique and odd trinkets that are hard to come by anywhere else, ranging from head scratchers to cat clocks. The shop sells alternative clothing with artwork and designs that don’t mesh with the mainstream norm. For those seeking to stand out or seeking adventure, this is the place for you.


6. The Waltzing Kangaroo

Located off of Elizabeth Street, this eatery is both affordable and delicious. Kangaroo is a newly-opened business that serves authentic Australian cuisine.

7. Aggie Theater

This place is a small concert hall that features local bands and musicians from all over Colorado. It’s a great place for students to meet others and enjoy live music.

8. Lyric Cinema

This theater is devoted to indie films and is more affordable than the big movie theaters. Lyric is a great place to go for an experience. How often will you find a small movie theater that is devoted to films other than the blockbusters?

9. All That and a Bag of Chips

For students who love video games and are seeking an escape from the stress that is school, All That and a Bag of Chips is a modern arcade that allows you to play all the video games you want until 2 a.m. for just $5. A bag of chips is included with entry and features the modern consoles Xbox One, PS4 and the Wii U along with the previous gaming systems and even retro games like Nintendo 64 and the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. 

10. Avogadro’s Number

Nicknamed Avo’s, this restaurant is both delicious and highly affordable for students. Avo’s occasionally features live music during the warmer seasons and a bar for those over 21.  

Collegian A&C Reporter Connor DeBlieck can be reached at entertainment@collegian.com or on Twitter @CDeBlieck1995.