Holiday Twin Drive-In begins season April 15

Randi Mattox

From record players and vinyl to typewriters and vintage clothing, participating in retro activities is becoming increasingly popular among young adults. And luckily for CSU students, one of the most beloved retro activities is just a few miles away from campus. The Holiday Twin Drive-In will begin its 2016 season April 15, giving Fort Collins residents a chance to experience the nostalgia of the drive-in movie theater. 

Holiday Twin Drive-In is the only operating drive-in movie theater in Fort Collins and Larimer County and one of only six drive-in movie theaters still operating in the state of Colorado. The theater has stayed in business for almost 40 years in order to preserve the culture of drive-ins and provide moviegoers with the one-of-a-kind experience you just can’t get in a modern movie theater.


Holiday Twin Drive-In co-owner Stephanie Webb said that though the drive-in has made upgrades over the years, the basic idea still remains.

“It hasn’t changed from the original style in that you’re sitting in your car watching a movie under the stars,” Webb said. “From our perspective, that is really the nostalgic feel of the drive-in that is just inherent in the business. The screens and the parking lot are pretty much the same. They haven’t really changed since 1968.”

Photo by: Randi Mattox
(Photo by Randi Mattox.)

Attendees will experience the movies in a unique way at Holiday Twin Drive-In.

“The drive-in gives you the ability to be together as a family,” Webb said. “You have more freedom than you would get from an indoor house. The environment is different. A lot of people really enjoy it and think that it is a lot of fun.”

Webb said Holiday Twin Drive-In offers a variety of food items at their snack bar.

“We are very well-known for our outdoors hamburger grill,” Webb said. “We make a shredded pork burrito. It is a family recipe. And, of course, we have all of the staples like popcorn and pretzels. We also have a new product this year that we are excited about. They’re stuffed Oreo churros with our homemade cream cheese drizzle.”

This season, Holiday Twin Drive-In will be screening movies every weekend beginning April 15. The season’s ending date has not yet been announced. The drive-in has two screens, each displaying a double feature nightly. FM radio is required to access the movie’s audio.

Holiday Twin Drive-In announced that “The Jungle Book,” “Zootopia,” “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice” and “London Has Fallen” will be this season’s opening weekend films.

Holiday Twin Drive-In is located at 2206 S. Overland Trail. Movies and showtimes are available at

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