Some spooky places on campus

Chapman W.

The CSU mystery tour visits some pretty scary spots on campus. Plenty of the buildings around the oval are supposedly haunted, and some of the stories about these buildings are enough to keep you up at night.

However, I think there’s a few spooky buildings they’re missing from the tour.


The PACe center: Who doesn’t hate PACe, honestly? I for one think math is pretty scary, and a whole part of a building that is devoted to taking math exams is enough to give me nightmares.

I also took the placement exam three times. One of these times, my computer restarted before I could finish. Suffice to say, I have some unresolved feelings.

Basically anywhere on science row: Continuing with my theme of being terrified by STEM, I get nervous anytime I’m in any of the science buildings. There’s lots of rooms filled with lots of equipment that I would probably break if I so much as looked at it.

I think there’s also some dead bodies in there. That’s pretty spooky, isn’t it? I mean, they’re (probably) animals and it’s (probably) for science, but I really just hate the smell of formaldehyde.

The Rec Center: Exercise is great. I love to exercise. However, there’s some people who love exercise a little bit more than me. When I go to the Rec, and there’s people bicep-curling the equivalent of me squatting my max, I feel this strange mixture of impressed, scared and sad.

And when I get sad, I go home, cry and eat a hand pie from Durrell Express.

The library during finals week: Between the extended late-night hours, sanity very quickly slipping away and caffeine-fueled students one cumulative final away from a complete breakdown, the Library around dead and finals week is not my favorite place. Morgan’s Grind looks zombie-infested, and the you’ll occasionally hear screams of those lost to the terrors of the semester’s end.

Anywhere my ex is: Is there really anything as terrifying as unresolved feelings? There’s not much worse than awkwardly trying to act like you don’t see someone, while still doing your best to subtly make sure they are completely aware of exactly how much they’re missing out on. This is just another situation that usually ends up with me eating pie.

I’m really not bitter though.

Residence hall basements: Plenty of the basements of the residence hall buildings are pretty creepy. There’s storage rooms filled to the brim with abandoned items, and you can occasionally hear the wails of freshman who forgot to bring their detergent when they carried their laundry down three flights of stairs.


Also, Corbett has the creepiest of all the basements I’ve been to, and there’s no elevator, so forgetting your detergent from the third floor is pretty heartbreaking.

Anywhere there’s children: This is a college campus. Why are there children? They’re tiny and loud, and they make the lines for food longer than necessary.

And yes, high-schoolers are still children in my eyes.

Basically everywhere, considering the stress we’re all under: Campus can be a pretty spooky place, espcially around now. Midterms have left us ghosts of our former selves, and lack of sleep has plenty of zombies wandering around campus. But, hey, it’s cool. It’s almost fall break, right? …Right?

Well, at least it’s Halloween.

Collegian Reporter Chapman W. Croskell can be reached at and on Twitter @Nescwick.