New albums to jam to this month

Erica Grasmick

Finals are here, and we can feel them stealing both our brain power and social lives.

But instead of wallowing in a pool of regret, why not listen to some great new music to cheer you up while you start checking off tasks from your end-of-semester to-do list? Here are some new album releases I recommend lending an ear to this month.


Mumford & Sons, “Wilder Mind” — May 4

When I heard the single “Believe” from this British rock band’s third album, I didn’t even realize who I was listening to. Marcus Mumford beautifully croons out “I don’t even know if I believe” so purely. And, shockingly, there is no folksy banjo in the background to accompany him.

“Wilder Mind” is certainly a change from the style of “Sigh No More,” but this album and all of its haunting love songs are more refreshing and vulnerable.

Best Coast, “California Nights” — May 5

I first heard lead singer Bethany Cosentino’s voice sing me into a trance on the track “Boyfriend” from the rock-duo’s 2010 premiere album “Crazy for You.”

Best Coast’s style can best be described as lo-fi indie pop. Bob Bruno, the duo’s other half, keeps the instrumentals simple so the lyrics and Consentino’s voice can make their way into your head.

Every time you listen to “California Nights” from this new album, you’ll feel the urge to watch an indie movie about misunderstood teenagers falling in love.

Snoop Dogg, “Bush” — May 12

Alright, I may not be the biggest Snoop Dogg (is that still his name?) fan in the world, but the guy certainly knows how to get my head to uncontrollably bob up and down.

“Bush” also can’t go wrong because of the fact that the opening track “California Roll” features legend Stevie Wonder, and was entirely produced by the super-talented Pharrell Williams.

Based on single “Peaches N Cream,” this album should be full of catchy beats that are nearly impossible to fight off.


Jamie Foxx, “Hollywood: A Story of a Dozen Roses” — May 18

Recently, I watched Jamie Foxx play Django in Quentin Tarantino’s “Django Unchained” for the first time.

So naturally, I got pretty excited when I heard he was releasing his fifth studio album this month. The actor/R&B singer’s album features big names from the hip-hop genre, including Wale, Kid Ink, Pharrell Williams and even an appearance by Chris Brown on the album’s first single “You Changed Me.”

Brandon Flowers, “The Desired Effect” — May 19

I still can’t help but chuckle at the irony that a man with the last name Flowers heads a band called The Killers.

That being said, however fantastic this man’s name is, his vocals are even better.

This isn’t the first solo album from this singer/songwriter. Back in 2010, he released “Flamingo” while still singing incredible vocals for his band. Five years later, we are finally being treated to more one-on-one time with Flowers and his wonderful singles. Favorites include “Still Want You” and “Can’t Deny My Love.”

Twenty one pilots, “Blurryface” — May 19

This is certainly one of those musical artists I wish I could claim knowing about “before they got cool,” as all hipsters certainly do.

For those of you who haven’t heard of this indie pop-rap/electropop duo yet, I recommend checking out “Holding Onto You,” which I still put on every running playlist I ever create.

“Blurryface,” released by Fueled by Ramen Records, will be the band’s fourth studio album.

“Stressed Out,” one of three singles released from the album so far, has been playing non-stop on my old-school iPod classic, which seems especially fitting for this insanely busy time of the school year.

Zedd, “True Colors” — May 19

Anton Zaslavski is the face of this Grammy-winning artist, known on Top 40 radio chart as Zedd.

“True Colors” is the Russian-German artist’s second album. Its single, “I Want You to Know,” features Selena Gomez and is written by OneRepublic frontman and Colorado native Ryan Tedder.

This, and the album’s second single, “Addicted to Memory,” featuring the musical group Bahari, can be downloaded via pre-order on the iTunes music store right now.

Collegian A&E Writer Erica Grasmick can be reached at or on Twitter @E_Graz.