March music releases

Troy Wilkinson


New music is coming out all the time and far too often, it gets released under the radar. I usually get stuck listening to several familiar sounds for a couple weeks at a time and never look into what recently came out. That is not going to be the case anymore. There is a wealth of new music from exceptionally talented musicians coming out soon, and if you are aching for new music, March is chock full of great sounds waiting to be heard.


Modest Mouse – “Strangers to Ourselves”

Modest Mouse has always had a unique and interesting sound, and this album is no different. If you liked their other music, there is no doubt that you will take to their new album, “Strangers to Ourselves,” as well.

“Strangers to Ourselves” comes out March 17.

Tobias Jesso Jr. – “Goon”

Tobias Jesso Jr. is fairly under the radar as of right now, but his upcoming album, “Goon,” may just put him in the front of the music industry. If you enjoy simple piano and good vocals, he is perfect for you.

“Goon” releases March 17.

Big Data – “2.0”

Not too well-known, but great nonetheless, especially if you are looking for a mix of electronic and solid vocals. The song “Snowed In” is a quality low-key pop song that pretty well represents what Big Data is about. Their first album, “1.0,” was solid, and “2.0” seems to be a good step forward.

“2.0” is available March 24.

Geographer – “Ghost Modern”

Geographer, known for their song “Kites,” is releasing their new album, “Ghost Modern,” in March, and they seem to be taking a path toward a much less electronic sound.


“Ghost Modern” releases March 24.

The Prodigy – “The Day is My Enemy”

Straying from the pack of softer music listed in this list, The Prodigy is coming out with a new album titled “The Day is My Enemy,” which, if you are into rock, is probably more up your alley.

“The Day is My Enemy” comes out March 30.

Death Cab for Cutie – “Kintsugi”

The established, yet somewhat forgotten, band Death Cab for Cutie is coming back with an even cooler sound on their new album, “Kintsugi.”

“Kintsugi” comes out March 31.

Sufjan Stevens – “Carrie and Lowell”

Sufjan Stevens is not the most well-known artist, but he has definitely made his place in the industry. He took a more experimental turn with his album “The Age of Adz,” and now it seems he is returning to form with his upcoming album “Carrie and Lowell.”

“Carrie and Lowell” releases March 31.

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