The Boot Grill, Good Finds in High Places

Steak Salad
Steak Salad (Photo credit: captaincinema)

First impressions are everything when it comes to choosing a place to eat.

Situated on the corner of Laurel and Mason street sits The Boot Grill, and it’s a hard one to miss. Metal paneling lines what was formerly the Ram’s Bookstore, beckoning curious diners.


Upon first visit, The Boot Grill doesn’t appear to be anything unique. There is a familiar, sports-bar feel to the atmosphere. Soft lighting overhangs plain, but clean, wooden tables spread generously around an open seating area.

Large screens take up most of the wall space, but the dim lighting wouldn’t allow for much appreciation of decoration anyway. The hostesses and waitresses are friendly and welcoming.

“Can I get you guys anything to drink?” our waitress asked, probably hoping we’d open a beer tab like many of the other customers that came to relax and watch the Avalanche play. I ordered an iced tea and my companion stuck with water. We weren’t going to stick around too long anyway.

I have to admit that my expectations for the food itself were not high at that point. It’s not that anything about the restaurant put me off, it’s just that my experience in sports grill-type joints told me not to expect high-quality food as a distinguishing characteristic.

I thought it would be just another place where customers come to expect little more than wings, fries and beer. I’m glad to say that I was proven very wrong.

The menu consisted of the kind of things you would expect from this type of restaurant: nachos, wings, various fried vegetables. It also offered a few seafood items like mussels, salmon and fish tacos. I went with the steak salad because of a mild gluten-intolerance.

We only had to wait about 10 minutes before our food was brought out. Everything was delicious. Steak can often be too tough to put in salads, but mine was tender and well-seasoned. The homemade chips were also fantastic.

Though the entrees and appetizers at The Boot Grill are a little on the pricy side, (my salad was about $11), I feel like the money spent returns sufficiently high quality. I will definitely be returning to eat there for that reason.

The Boot Grill hosts live music every Friday and Saturday. Country music is a staple, but their site indicates that the owners also “Love our local classic rock, funk and rock bands such as Stumble Monkey, Shaving Peggy, Leung & The Wreck and The Blendercats!”

If you’re looking for a new place to try, definitely keep The Boot Grill in mind.


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