Alumni Association gives benefits to graduates

Coming to the end of a journey that took place on the CSU campus and the streets of Fort Collins, many graduates will find themselves parting from the community and heading to post-college life with a new identity: alumni.

       The Alumni Association at Colorado State University has many benefits to members listed on its website, including:


  • Networking benefits

    • Alumni CareerRam – This particular alumni benefit helps both students as well as potential employers:

      • Alumni can search for jobs, manage employment documents such as resumes, “schedule on-campus interviews,” as well as “view and RSVP for career events.”

      • Employers can post jobs, search among alumni and students for applicants, “manage on campus interviews,” and register for “career events.”

    • Alumni Insights – Alumni Insights are events held to network with other graduates and examine multiple career paths, as well as recognize alumni accomplishments.

    • Alumni Business Directory – The directory allows graduates to find other graduates to do business with, list their businesses in the directory for a fee, and allows users to search by geography and services.

  • Career benefits

    • Webinars and Webshops – These internet-based programs allow alumni to learn about other fields and related potential employment options. The webinars are free and introduce viewers to new concepts, according to the Alumni Association website, while webshops are fee-based programs which take a more detailed look at specific topics.

    • Career Services – A service provided by Andrea Karapas, a licenced professional counselor (LPC), Career Services has individual career counseling, resume and cover letter critiques, “mock interview sessions,” “career web-inars,” and workshops.

      • To access this service, recent graduates can call the Career Center at 970-491-5707; Alumni beyond the first year of graduation can call Karapas at 970-491-5494 or at

    • CSU OnlinePlus discount program – Alumni using this program get a discount on their first class taken in a Department of Continuing Education distance degree program. Undergraduates are discounted $250, while graduates are discounted $500.


  • Material benefits

    • “Around the Oval” magazine – Published twice a year, with a 12 month calendar as the third issue, this magazine features stories about alumni as well as news about CSU. Members can also submit photos to be featured in the full-color calendar.

    • “Alumline” electronic newsletter – Like “Around the Oval,” this emailed newsletter features news about the university and its alumni.