Top Four Video Games to Get Excited About

2013 E3 - Titanfall Robot B
2013 E3 – Titanfall Robot B (Photo credit: – EMR -)

The Division

Tom Clancy’s “The Division” is perhaps one of the first games that I’ve seen that has truly convinced me that the next generation of graphics has arrived. Sporting a brand new engine that’s being crafted for brand new consoles, “The Division” is certainly among the most photo realistic games out there to date. Set three weeks into the apocalypse in New York, it’s your job to survive and explore the world. Not much is known about “The Division” except for that it is a third-person shooter with role-playing elements like leveling up skills, though the game still seems very similar to Day Z in its open world no-rules ruthlessness. Release: Late 2014



From the creators of Halo, Bungie Studio’s “Destiny” seeks to be an interesting game, borrowing from role-playing games, multiplayer and first-person shooter games. In “Destiny,” you are a guardian, a soldier fighting for humans from the last city, protected by an enormous mysterious sphere floating above. According to Bungie Studios, the game is aiming to be an extremely social experience with a focus on small-party combat against non-player enemies. It looks similar to Halo in terms of its controls and animations, yet with a much different art style. Release: September


“Titanfall” should better be known as “The Call of Duty Killer.” The first-person shooter genre has grown extremely stale as of late, especially with the rehash of the same modern setting over and over again, even hearing the words “Call of Duty” immediately makes me bored.  “Titanfall” aims to shake up the pot…while still looking and feeling very similar to other first person shooters, it has some very unique twists for the better. Set in the future, you can summon gigantic pilot robots to the fight as well as bringing wall-running parkour into the fray. Though the game has no single-player campaign, each multiplayer game is set to feel like a cinematic single player experience, making each game more intense, creating the illusion that more is on the line. Release: March


Set in a dystopian, near-future city of Chicago, a special software called ctOS is used to manage the city to moderate crime, traffic, surveillance, utilities and lights. It’s also used to collect any and all information about each person living in the city, eerily mirroring the NSA’s data mining tactics. You are Aiden Pierce, a skilled hacker on the run. Armed with a cellphone and a gun, you can hack just about anything in the city that is controlled by ctOS, even other people’s laptops and phones, giving you access to their bank account which you can use to buy better equipment. The game’s open world style gives the feel of Grand Theft Auto, but the really awesome twist of being able to gain control of city systems allows you to bend it in your favor. Release: Late 2014

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