Getting Cozy Over Coffee

It’s back to school for a new semester, walking through campus with fresh notebooks and rested brains.

You have a brand new schedule and these new classes mean new people.


Admit it, you caught sight of that cute new guy in the front row of math class or that stunning girl walking past the library.

So you’re looking for a cozy corner to get acquainted– well look no farther because the perfect place is closer than you might think.

Fort Collins is conveniently adorned with squishy-chaired coffee shops, perfect for comfortable small-talk.

Meeting up at a coffee shop might seem like you’re taking it back to the basics, but conversation just seems smoother over a steaming latte.

One of Fort Collins’ most frequented coffee shops is the Alleycat Coffee House, located right off Laurel, near the CSU campus.

Coffee shops like the Alleycat create a great atmosphere for a first date or even just a meeting place for a group of long-separated best friends.

“The times I’ve gone to the Alleycat, it’s always felt very homey and welcoming,” said Jamie Noth, freshman psychology major. “I love their coffee and chai tea lattes. It’s perfect for studying or meeting up with friends.”

Another popular choice among students is the Wild Boar Cafe off College Avenue near the University Center for the Arts.

As a matter of fact, the Wild Boar Cafe’s close proximity to the UCA results in a special discount for  all UCA students.

“We offer a 10 percent discount card to UCA students because we get so many of them,” said Erik Curiel, manager for the Wild Boar.


The Wild Boar is especially unique because it is set in an old-style house, which adds to a coffee shop’s already intimate environment.

“It gives people the feeling that they are in their own home,” Curiel said.  “There is plenty of room and people can claim their own little corners.”

Amber Hodges, sophomore music major, said the Wild Boar was her favorite coffee shop in town.

“They have good coffee and they also have real food like french toast, sandwiches and burritos,” Hodges said. “My friends and I are there a lot.”

Conner Matheney, senior economics major, prefers Mugs Coffee Lounge, also off of Laurel Street.

“It has a warm ambiance to it,” Matheney said. “It’s a very nice atmosphere and a good place to be yourself with someone.”

It’s a new year, a new semester and a time for new chances. So find that cutie you’ve had your eye on all week, grab the seat next to the fireplace and get cozy over some coffee.

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