What Are You Listening To, CSU?

With radio stations playing the same 10 songs over and over again, finding new music is challenging. All over campus, students listen to their own music, but most of it is nowhere to be heard on mainstream radio stations. From the vocalists like Jamie Foxx to the electronic mix-ups of the Chicago DJ Kap Slap, CSU students have a wider interest in music than just the radio. See what your fellow classmates are listening to this week and why:

Senior psychology major Kelly Belknap listens to “Sledgehammer” by The Fall of Troy. “It just pumps me up for class,” Belknap said. “It gets me there on time.”


Sophomore biology major Collier Ives listens to “Floats My Boat” by Aer because “That’s what the radio station put on.”

Sophomore statistics major Taylor Washuta said he was listening to “Apollights” by Kap Slap because his friend told him to try them out. “I got it this weekend,” Washuta said.

Josh Bowman, sophomore communications major, chose to listen to “In the Morning” by Drake and J. Cole. “I like the artists singing it,” Bowman said.

Kayla Gatling, freshman health and exercise science sports medicine major, enjoyed “Slow” by Jamie Foxx. “It’s very soothing,” Gatling said. “It’s a very calming song.”

Collegian Entertainment Assistant Editor Amber Johnson can be reached at entertainment@collegian.com.