UPDATE: Macklemore concert sold out, ASAP says

macklemore275Update July 10 5:43 p.m.

According to ASAP, all tickets to the Macklemore and Ryan Lewis concert taking place Aug. 30 have been sold out.


Update July 8 2:20 p.m.

According to ASAP, only 150 general public tickets remain for the Macklemore and Ryan Lewis concert Aug. 30. Student tickets are sold out.

Original Story

On the first day of ticket sales, ASAP sold over 5,500 tickets to the upcoming fall concert featuring Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, and they couldn’t be more excited.

“We are so incredibly excited about this show,” said Kebrina Chirdon, an ASAP event programmer. “We are feeling wonderfully about this year’s results thus far.”

On Tuesday June 10, ASAP sold out of student tickets, and only had 1,600 community tickets left. The amount sold is already more than the number of tickets sold for the previous two concerts with B.O.B. and Cobra Starship combined. They are expecting to sell out of general admission tickets by the end of the week.

ASAP is attributing their success with this show to the student involvement in helping choose the act. Polling and student input on the Plaza were used to help choose the genre of the artist. A texting campaign was also held. Chirdon said about 2,000 students gave their input.

“I think part of the difference, too, is the fact the Macklemore is so ‘right now,’” Chirdon said.

She also said their relationship with the promoter of the show, Amplitude Entertainment, has had a huge impact on the success.

“Them coming in and providing the artist allows us to use our student fee budget toward production and that keeps our ticket cost really low for students,” Chirdon said.


She also said it keeps them aware of how student fees are being spent.

In an email to the Collegian, Justin Greenstein, founder of Amplitude Entertainment wrote, “Almost 8,000 tickets have been sold in less than a week, which helps assure us that we made a great choice in talent for this years events.”

As for preparing for the show, it’s a process of its own. ASAP has collaborated with different organizations in order to get everything prepared on time without incident. “We do well at being really prepared for a lot of situations… our really close collaborations with the City of Fort Collins, Landmark, CSUPD and  all of the vendors we’re getting the port-o-potties and fencing and everything from really helps us cut down on issues day of,” Chirdon said.

Chirdon said her biggest concern with the show going smoothly is the amount of people coming to the concert.

“We get ten thousand people through the door, there’s not a riot, there’s not people being angry or drunk or crazy and everyone has a wonderful time,” she said.

One hundred to 150 volunteers are expected to help set up before the concert.

“We’ll have volunteers start on Thursday… Its about a four day process,” said Bethel Nathan, an ASAP advisor.

She said people are around from Wednesday to Saturday afternoon setting up and tearing down the show.

Chirdon said she expects the show to go well, and is prepared for the unexpected.

“We do rain or shine. We will be having a concert that day.”

Chirdon said she is excited for the concert and hopes the student body is too.

“You want people to want to be there.”

ASAP announced the opening acts are Talib Kweli and Wasteland Hop.

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