Elephant Revival to play at Colorado State commencement concert

Instead of getting your graduating friend Dr. Seuss’ “Oh the Places You’ll Go,” maybe consider just giving them a ticket (it’s free for them) to the Colorado State commencement concert featuring Elephant Revival.

Even Daniel Rodriguez,who plays guitar, banjo and bass for the band, agrees.


“The song ‘Go Along’ it’s a wonderful song to listen to as you’re graduating,” Rodriguez said. “It gives you that Dr. Seuss feeling.”

Saturday, May 4 at 7:30 p.m. in the LSC Theatre ASAP and the Alumni Association will be teaming up to bring Nederland, Colo. band Elephant Revival for the annual commencement concert.

“This is a free concert for students that graduate any time during the 2013 year,” wrote ASAP programmer and concert co-coordinator Kebrina Chirdon in a letter to the Collegian.

For other students, tickets are $5 with a valid Colorado State ID.

“I play every role in planning. I’ve done everything from choosing the artist to all things that happen day-of,” Chirdon said.

According to Chirdon, the most enjoyable part about the process was choosing the band.

“Securing the artist for a price that would keep the concert affordable for students has been the best part,” Chirdon wrote. “Elephant Revival was chosen for their folk band style and Colorado beginnings.”

Rodriguez is most excited to celebrate with graduating students.

“The college crowd has been a huge support and has come out to see us,” Rodriguez said. “It’s a special day for a lot of those folks to contribute to that day.”

Last year’s commencement concert brought musician Trevor Hall, but this year ASAP wanted to bring a local band.


“We all sort of met in different places in the country, but chose Colorado as our main hub of inspiration of where we would start out,” Rodriguez said. “Now we have shows and the whole Aggie is filled up. It’s a wonderful feeling to be accepted by so many people and then go home and sleep in your own bed that night.”

The group plans to travel to many music festivals this summer including Telluride Bluegrass Festival, Delfest in Maryland, the Ogden Music Fest in Utah and at the Denver Botanic Gardens.

They also will head to Vancouver and play at Chautauqua Auditorium with a symphony.

“That’s pretty incredible as far as artists to have that sloane of musicianship playing with us,” Rodriguez said.

For the seniors graduating, Rodriguez congratulates the students who have “stuck it out.”

“For every ending there’s a beginning and knowledge is one thing, experience another. In combining those two you really have some true wisdom,” Rodriguez said. “Life is all about experience and gathering a wisdom from experience, and I would just encourage everybody to experience as much as they can while they’re living.”

Entertainment and Student Life Beat Reporter Bailey Constas (@BaileyLiza) can be reached at entertainment@collegian.com.