Meet the editor: Matt Tackett, Photo Director

Matt Tackett

Matt Tackett is a forestry major, has been taking photos for seven years and is excited to be The Rocky Mountain Collegian’s photo director for the upcoming year.

Tackett was born in Fairfax, Virginia, and moved to Colorado Springs with his family at a young age. He went to school and grew up in Colorado Springs, graduated in 2017 and now lives in Fort Collins.


Tackett began woodworking and riding mountain bikes in high school and enjoys both to this day. In high school, Tackett worked for his school newspaper and yearbook club taking photos. In addition, he also took journalism classes in high school.

Tackett has fished for most of his life, learning at the pond on his family’s farm in Ohio, as soon as he could hold a rod. Tackett loves fishing all over the state of Colorado and brings a rod with him wherever he travels.

Tackett began taking photos for The Collegian his first year at Colorado State University. He enjoys the way a picture can invite a person to read an entire article, and he strives to get interesting and accurate photos that can give a sense of what an article might be about.

When not taking photos for The Collegian, Tackett works as a photographer and sales associate at Topo Designs. He also takes whatever chance he can to get into the mountains to take wildlife and landscape photos.

Tackett is very excited to work with all the new editorial staff and can’t wait to serve the student body while working at The Collegian.

Matt Tackett can be reached at