Meet the Photographer: Anna Tomka

Luke Bourland

women poses
Anna Tomka poses in front of the Blue Mountains in Sydney. (Alisha Centrone | The Collegian)

Anna Tomka is a junior communications and film studies major at Colorado State University. Anna got into photography because of her grandfather, who she says “is an incredible photographer and started teaching me when I was little.”

Anna elaborated that, to this day, her grandfather encourages her to keep pursing photography. One of Anna’s favorite pictures is one she took when she was 13 in France. The picture depicts a boy feeding the birds outside the cathedral of Notre-Dame in Paris. Anna said, “It is not my favorite because I feel it’s one of my best shots stylistically but … because of the pure joy in his expression. It made me realize I love to capture moments.” 


boy feeds birds
A boy feeds birds outside of Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris. (Anna Tomka | The Collegian)
The sun sets over the ocean in Melbourne, Australia. (Anna Tomka | The Collegian)
person holds sign
A person holds a sign at a protest in Kansas City, Missouri. (Anna Tomka | The Collegian)
The sun sets over a lake in Queenstown, New Zealand. (Anna Tomka | The Collegian)

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