Meet the Photographer: Laurel Sickels

Luke Bourland

women poses
Laurel Sickels poses on The Oval. (Lou Regen | The Collegian)

Laurel Sickels is a fourth-year photo image making and graphic design student at Colorado State University. Laurel became interested in photography about 10 years ago when she was gifted her first digital camera for her birthday. Laurel was initially interested in documenting small nature details, but her skills were further developed in high school.

In high school, she took a class where she learned how to shoot and develop her own film, which pushed her “into enjoying and understanding the medium.” Laurel has only had time to grow throughout her time as a photo major and now focuses mainly on landscape, abstract and product photography. Laurel’s favorite image is one she took of the sand dunes because she loves the way the sun makes the sand look so soft. Furthermore, she is interested in the lines of the image and how one’s eye is naturally drawn across the sand. 


sand dunes
People stand on top of a sand dune. (Laurel Sickels | The Collegian)
tea set
A tea set sits on a table next to a candle Feb. 8, 2020. (Laurel Sickels | The Collegian)
abstract glassware
An abstract picture of glassware. (Laurel Sickels | The Collegian)
People stand beneath arches. (Laurel Sickels | The Collegian)

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