Roastin’ with Rick: Nepalese Cookies shatter

Rick Cookson

Disclaimer: Under Colorado law, the use of marijuana is restricted to those aged 21 and older or those with a valid medical marijuana license. Colorado State University does not allow the possession or consumption of marijuana, recreational or medical, anywhere on campus. The Collegian does not condone underage consumption of marijuana.

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Edited by Rick Cookson

Last semester, I reviewed a hybrid strain called Girl Scout Cookies, and wasn’t a very big fan. In the last Roastin’ with Rick, I reviewed a different hybrid strain, Purple Nepalese, and I was a huge fan of it. Anyhow, for this week’s review I tried the concentrate made from both strains: Nepalese Cookies shatter.

Using a nectar collector from Kind Creations, dabs of Organic Alternatives' Nepalese Cookies shatter are the focus of this week's Roastin' with Rick. (Photo by Neall Denman)
Using a nectar collector from Kind Creations, dabs of Organic Alternatives’ Nepalese Cookies shatter are the focus of this week’s Roastin’ with Rick. (Photo by Neall Denman)

From Organic Alternatives, this sativa-dominant shatter hash had a THC level of roughly 65 percent and contained very small amounts of CBD (cannabidiol, the more physically-effecting cannabinoid in marijuana) — less than 0.5 percent. 

A nice light-orange and reddish hue pervaded over the shatter with a very clean and smooth polished look to it. Along with the good color was great clarity; although it was a rather darker concentrate, there wasn’t much opacity, which gave it a decent transparency.

I liked the color and the texture, but there wasn’t anything too unique there. On the other hand, the aroma definitely had me excited to dab it. I initially noticed the immense sweetness in the smell before I could distinguish a few other interesting qualities: it has a slight lemon tinge, but also a general fruitiness to it — the citrus wasn’t too powerful and the overall fruity scent was pretty enjoyable.

I used a nectar collector — a vertical vaporizer — from Kind Creations to consume the shatter, and it was first time using one. Although it took me a couple minutes to understand how it worked, I thought it was very handy, convenient and effective once I started using it. 

The first dab had me a little surprised; not only was it smooth going in — light on the throat and easy on the lungs — but the flavor held a lot of the qualities found in the smell. Upon first inhaling, I could mainly sense the sweetness with a little hint of lemon; when I exhaled, the fruitiness became a lot more evident. Another plus was the delightful hash-like flavor and scent that hung on the edge whenever I blew out a hit.

Nepalese Cookies shatter from Organic Alternatives. (Photo by Neall Denman)
Nepalese Cookies shatter from Organic Alternatives. (Photo by Neall Denman)

The effects came on strong, and in an abrupt and subtle way — it doesn’t sound very fun, but it was actually pretty great. I felt a slight sense of relaxation, but a more prominent energetic feeling was there in combination with a euphoric giddiness that had me laughing a lot and in a kind of silly mind state, a little like being slap-happy. 

Overall, I was a big fan of the Nepalese Cookies shatter; the color was good, the aroma was sweet, the flavor was great and the buzz was a lot of fun. In the end, I’ll be giving this concentrate a solid 8 leaves out of ten, and I’ll probably end up getting another gram sometime soon.

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