Instagram Model Quits

Former Instagram model asks for money to support her new, ‘realer’ lifestyle

The world of social media is not all what it seems, and this Instagram model is speaking out about the weird life it has led her to.

“Earlier this week, the 19-year-old changed the name of her popular account to “Social Media Is Not Real Life” and replaced image captions with the true(er) stories of what went into her supposedly carefree snapshots. Amy wrote: “I feel like in 10 years she’s going to watch that back and perhaps wished she hadn’t posted that video”. During the recent BAZAAR At Work panel discussion Amanda Shadforth revealed that she treats Oracle Fox as more a creative agency than a blog – and given she and her team (much like Zhang or Sefton) are hired for their creative expertise, styling, photography or digital know-how, they differ tremendously from the kind of “social media” use O’Neill is talking about, which is rooted in deceiving followers that they are representing their “real life”.”


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