Veganism: More than Just a Superpower

The Vegan Police from Scott Pilgrim, taking away his vegan powers (click here)

Vegans, either we’re joking about them or envious of their superhuman powers, but there may be more to them than the Scott Pilgrim Vegan Code we all know and love. 

“For those of you trying to lose weight, veganism is a great lifestyle to acquire. Many studies show that non-meaters generally have lower body mass index rates because they often consume fewer calories and processed foods. College students love to eat, am I right? The vegan world is one to dive into if you love to eat and love food. Vegans feel amazing while still being able to indulge. One benefit to being vegan is the necessity to consume quite a larger amount of food in order to fulfill daily caloric needs, so go ahead and eat that full plate of food.”


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